Thursday, May 10, 2012

Free online sites for tracking calories (a.k.a. What I Ate Today)

I'm a list-maker. A planner. A make-a-checkbox-just-so-I-can-feel-awesome-when-I-put-a-checkmark-in-it type. (Write mommyblog post—check, muthafuggah!) So I've always found food logs to be helpful when I'm trying to get a handle on my eating. (For more background, feel free to dig around for details here.)

That's why, a few weeks ago, I dusted off my Livestrong MyPlate membership (not a fan of the wife-and-kids-leaving, secretly doping cyclist Lance Armstrong, but hey, his site is free) so I could start to track what I'm eating. The site's design is a hot mess, and it's not super user-friendly, but it has the best and easiest-to-search calorie database I've come across.

I haven't been too rigid about logging my food—and, like showering, it's a task I'm often too busy to tackle daily, but it's still been helpful. One thing it helped me realize? When I snack mindlessly (which, by the way, has been much less likely now that I'm working from home instead of in an office) I can easily take in 500 extra calories. D'orp! Maybe that's why I've still got these 30 pregnancy pounds on me.

Other free food-tracking sites if you feel like getting on the food-tracking train:

Here's what I ate today, if you're curious:
Bfast: Dr. Praeger's Broccoli pancake, egg white mug-omelet (I'll explain someday), double-fiber wheat toast with butter
Lunch: Cucumber/tomato/feta salad with grilled chicken and two steamed artichokes (had to eat them up before they went bad. Can't waste money on rotting veggies anymore now that I don't have an office job, y'all!)
Snack: Deep Chocolate Vita Top (bomb diggity)
Dinner: On tonight's menu are Shake-and-Baked pork loin chops, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans
Dessert (a must!): Skinny Cow vanilla caramel cone

Yes, this is a new health kick and does not reflect the butter-and-ice-cream plan I've been on for the past year.

photo: flickr/aroid

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